How We Accomplish Our Mission


Intent :

Fallen 15’s goal for  current and future program development and event organization is to provide environments for community cultivation, and Veteran activation. Fallen 15 has developed three distinct program and event types to achieve its mission of Veteran activation. These fall within 3 categories, and each have a specific impact within the Veteran Community and ensure furthering of our mission. In the following information, you will find a program explanation and an example for each series.

Overview and Background:

As of September 2014, there are about 2.7 million American veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan with which it is estimated that at least 20% are suffering from PTSD and/or depression. [1] Within that number, approximately 629,889 wartime veterans reside within Ohio.[2] Our goal of bringing Veterans together for physical and social events is based in the belief that risks are mitigated with strong social foundations. In a article titled Social Bonds and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder published in 2009, a  14-year study of American Combat Veterans whose combat exposure was in Vietnam, individuals with PTSD who showed more community involvement were more likely to show remission of their PTSD over the course of the study. [3] This is not new information to Veterans or their families, however, there is still a need for outreach programs and a need for Veterans to have a choice in their activities.



























Whole Warrior Programs Explanation

*** Please note these programs are under further development***

Green Dragon Series

Open to all, these events are geared towards the social aspect of camaraderie and community. Events are low key and always relaxed with good conversation and great connections. Participants are encouraged to meet and share knowledge with the group and bring a friend or two. (Bi-weekly to Monthly)

– Tactical Talks Bi-weekly / Monthly – Laid back social environment where we gather with other Veterans and reconnect through humorous events from our time in the service and down range. Veterans are encouraged to bring stories and a sense of humor. Veterans and general public invited. Tactical talks allow the whole community to gain a peek into the military and deployed life, and allows veterans to lie to one another with epic stories. Events will be held during the week in the evenings with some weekend sessions at local Veteran friendly Pubs. No registration required, stay tuned to social media! 

Powder Alarm Series

These events are open to the Veteran Community and the public alike. These Events are geared towards physical activity and spreading the word about our fallen heroes and keeping their memory alive. Event success is measured by event completion. (Semi-Annual)

Challenge WOD Semi-Annual – Competition of a WOD created for our 15 service members. Multiple Central Ohio boxes are involved in making these events a success. Veterans and the general public encouraged to attend and establish a sense of community for the goals of honoring our Fallen heroes while sweating and growing with friends and fellow Vets.

Trenton Series

Our Largest, most complex events geared specifically towards Veterans and Wounded Warriors, and their recovery. These Whole Warrior Programs are measured for success using several factors including time spent utilizing instruction and capstone completion. (Annual)

Whole Warrior European Pheasant HuntAnnual – Open to Veterans, this program allows veterans to receive 4-6 instructional sessions and sporting clay preparation, capped off by a fully paid European Pheasant Hunt. Registration coming soon!

Our Directors

Our directors have more than 30 years of combined military experience.

Our Board Members

Our board members are a diverse group of civilians and military members.

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